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Computer Cleanup Needed? Servicing entire Kansas City Area

If your computer is running a little slow, you probably just need a thorough Computer Cleanup / PC-tuneup.

You may be surprised to know that your computer really is supposed to run just about as fast as it did when you bought it. Over time of computer use you accumulate all kinds of programs that can really make an impact on your computer speed and internet speeds. Many of the issues that slow you down can be resolved with as little as a Computer Cleanup.

Here is a list of things to look for:

  • Internet Browser Toolbars & Add-ons
  • Web Browsing Pop-ups
  • Excessive Ad Pop-ups
  • Slow opening programs
  • Slow Access to files on Computer
  • Slow Shutdown and Reboot times
  • Saving files may take a while
  • Laggy or Jittery mouse function
  • Error Messages
  • Blue Screen (BSOD)
  • Misdirection on webpages
  • Excessive Spinning Circle or Hour Glass time
  • Programs not opening at all
  • Random computer crashes
  • No Internet Access
  • That feeling of “wanting to throw it out the window” coming around frequently

These are all symptoms that your computer probably just needs a good cleanup.  When you call us we have two options, we can attempt to log into your computer from our offices to conduct the computer cleanup, or if your internet is not working well we can always make a house call to cleanup your computer in the Kansas City Area.

We have been servicing the Kansas City area for around 10 years, everything from computer cleanup, pc tune-up, virus removal, hardware repairs, networking and server maintenance.  You could take your computer to the Big Box Stores, like Microcenter, or Best-Buy, but in our experience, customers usually end up calling us afterwards to get the job done right.  Many people complain after taking their computers to these stores, they have either lost all of their files, or they overpaid and the machine is right back to where it was when they brought it in.  Don’t waste your time with the big box stores, give us a call.  We are committed to cleaning your computer up the right way, the first time, and for less than you will pay at the “big” geeks.  Fact is, that most of the “big geek” stores, don’t really hire geeks.  On more occasions than I can recall, the “big geeks” have no idea what to do, and simply just run the software that they are provided with from the boss.  Don’t believe me?  Ask them to manually backup your registry to a disk.  Chances are, they do not understand how to do this, or why it is important.

A competent computer technician can usually diagnose your computer problem within 10 minutes, and provide you with an estimated cost.  Many of us can diagnose your computer with a simple description over the phone from you.  Letting you know exactly what to expect and how long you will be down.  Our computer cleanup technique does not involve any of that “speedup / cleanup / tune-up / cleaner” software that can be bought for as little as $10.



The reasons are simple.  Those programs are not thorough, do not get to the root cause, install more programs to keep you slow, and can many times make your computer irreparable.  We consider these computer cleanup / tuneup programs as “Malware” simply because of the horrible effects they can have on your computer and data security.  If you have experienced some of things we are mentioning here, we would like to hear from you, send us an email about your Computer Tune-ups in Kansas City.

Feel free to call us today for an extensive Computer Cleaning Session.  We can get your computer doing that thing it was designed to do… Compute!

So before you go out and buy a new computer or laptop, have a qualified technician check out your system for viruses, add-ons, malware, adware, hardware faults, and general operating system glitches.

My Geek USA is your one stop source for Computer Cleanup, PC-tuneups, Virus Removal, and Computer Repair in Kansas City!

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