Computer Repair and Maintenance in Kansas City

Computer Maintenance Is A Must – Avoid Computer Repair Issues!

Regular computer maintenance can help your computer last longer, here are a few things that help keep your computer running fast and efficiently.

  • Cleaning: A can of dry compressed air can keep your computer running cool and fast, your computer sucks up air borne particles like a vacuum, shut down and
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    There are many brands, they all perform about the same!

    unplug the power cable, open the panel (usually two little screws on the back) and blow the dust from inside using a can of dry compressed air, making sure to get the dust out from the power supply and the processor heat-sink (the fan in the middle atop a metal coil looking thing), getting all the dust out of the box will help keep proper air flow through your computer.  It’s best to do this outside as it makes a bit of a mess.

  • Defrag Hard Drive: As you use your computer, downloading files, moving pictures music and movies, you create little gaps in the hard drive.  Over time these gaps can become quite abundant, making your computer search your hard drive for the files and pieces of files on board. It’s like having a filing cabinet that is not organized at all.  The process to reorganize the hard drive is called
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    Defragmenting.  This process moves the files around where they should be for better performance and use.  Do this once a week for best results. START > ALL PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > SYSTEM TOOLS > DISK DEFRAGMENTER

  • Clean Desktop: A very important technique in computer maintenance is to remember the more files you have on your desktop, the more processing power it takes to load windows and navigate it.  Keep your desktop clean, only keep the things on there you use frequently. Large folders of files should be kept in your Documents or Pictures folders.  Shortcuts to these locations is perfectly fine, but I have noticed all too often people saving things to their desktop, this is big “NO-NO”
  • Empty Space: Make sure your hard drive is not getting too full.  Once your computer starts getting past the 85% full range it is time to start getting rid of items you no longer use.  Putting these files on a flash drive, backup drive, or dvds is good way to keep them safe, then simply delete the files from your computer, and recycle bin.  Make sure every now and then to check your temporary internet files folder, as this has a tendency to accumulate more than it needs, these file can be deleted without worry of losing anything. It’s like a history log of the internet and everywhere you have been. CONTROL PANEL > INTERNET OPTIONS > DELETE BROWSING HISTORY

These little tips should help keep your computer running smoothly.  Remember, like you car you can’t just use it day in and day out with out doing a little maintenance.  These steps may take you a few minutes a week or month, but can add years to the life of your equipment.  Visit out homepage for more information and to contact us. My Geek Home TeamViewer Ninite “Computer Maintenance is all too often overlooked, don’t fall into the bad habit of letting it go til tomorrow!”

Has it already gone too long? Do you need professional Computer Repair?

We specialized in:

  • Computer Repair
  • Computer Cleanup
  • PC-Tuneup
  • Hardware Diagnostics
  • Hardware Replacement
  • Computer Upgrades
  • LCD Screen Replacement
  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Laptop Upgrades
  • Iphone screen replacement
  • Iphone repair

We are striving to get your computer and hardware working the way it is supposed to.  Interested in just having your computer repaired or would you like to upgrade your computer to the max.  We can help with basic productivity computer and monster hosting and gaming computers.  We can build a computer for you that will take away all of your wait time for everything.  So far our Fastest machine builds have a reboot time of only 5 seconds.  That’s from being in windows, hitting restart, completely down and back up within 5 seconds.  Of course this is a machine that includes an I7 processor overclocked to around 4.5 ghz, 12GB of Ram, Samsung Pro Solid State Drive running on SATA 6GB/s connectors.  Yes, it is Wicked Fast! But not for everyone, we understand if you are a patient person and don’t mind waiting a little longer!  If you are growing impatient, we should be your first call for all computer repairs and computer upgrades in Kansas City!

Serving Kansas City Metropolitan Area > Overland Park, KS > Kansas City, KS > Lenexa, KS > Leawood, KS > Liberty, MO > North Kansas City, MO > Grandview, MO > Parkville, MO > Smithville, MO From Grain Valley to Lawrence, KS we got you covered. Computer Repair Services, Computer Virus Removal, Hard Drive Recovery, Computer Setup, Gaming Systems, Networking, Server Maintenance, Custom Software

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