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Kansas City residents and businesses have many options for computer repair and virus removal, choose wisely. Be cautious when choosing your computer repair specialist, it is true that you have many options, but which ones can you trust? We will not tell you who you can or cannot trust, just keep in mind that not everyone in the computer repair business is looking out for your best interests. We pride ourselves on taking care of your computer repair and virus removal needs. Everything from home network setup to law firm and medical office configurations and server setup / maintenance, we have it all covered. The simple computer problems like excessive pop-ups, hijackers, and slow computers are easily covered with usually a quick online remote session. Moderate issues such as Virus Infestation and crashed hardware are typically taken care of at your home or business. Sometimes your problem may be better attacked at our office, in this case we come to your home to diagnose and attempt repair, but if deemed necessary we will bring it back with us. This process is designed to save you money and time, rather than billing for several hours, when we bring your computer back with us our billing usually stops at a maximum of 3 hours, even though it may take 15 hours of off and on work. Why do we do this? It is simple, by picking up your computer and others while we are out instead of spending several hours at one location we can work on many computers at one time during the evening and sometimes through the night. Many computer repairs require a little bit of work and whole lot waiting, this process repeats until complete. This wait time is obviously used to work on the other computers, basically allowing us to repair several computers at once. The next day (sometimes weekends) we go back out and deliver the fully repaired computers, spending 30 min to an hour with you to make sure you understand what all was needed to complete the repair. As always our prices are discussed with you prior to any work being completed and as extra work might pop up. We have found that our customers are very happy with our “No Surprise Billing” method.

If your network is running slow, sometimes it requires some simple tweaking to make it all right again, but could also be the result of bad hardware. Router replacement, network switch upgrade, and server maintenance can all be a part of the repair process (depending on your circumstances of course). Any time you feel that your network seems to be running slow, give us a call, we can try to walk you through some simple steps to try to get it back up and running(free of charge). If this advise still is not doing the trick, or you would feel more comfortable having a professional check it out, we can schedule an appointment to come out and repair your network. We are servicing the entire Kansas City area for computer repair and network upgrades. Even if you have some simple little questions about your computer or “How do I….?”, or “I’m afraid to ask cause it probably something stupid…” we know where you are coming from and would be happy to help you with whatever little or big questions you may have. Think of us as your… “friend to call when you need a little advise”. No question is too small, we are here for you!

We at My Geek USA, specialize in:
-General Computer Repair
-Virus Removal
-Point of Sale Systems
-Server Maintenance
-Server Upgrades
-Network administration
-Network setup (home and business)
-IPhone screen replacement
-Laptop repair and screen replacement
-Custom Software Programmer head hunting
-QuickBooks Invoice Importing(from other software)
-Printer Configuration and troubleshooting
-Gaming Computer Builds
-Liquid Cooling Installation
-Computer Personalisation
-Gaming Computer Upgrades
-Data Retrieval and Salvage
-Data Protection and Backup
-Hard Drive Repairs

What we don’t do:
-Waste your money on old computers
-Repair hardware that is not worth repairing
-Tell you we can do what we can’t
-Charge for services if problem is not repaired
-Leave you unsatisfied
-Waste your time

Maintain a clean computer, avoid computer repair costs.

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