Computer Repair Kansas City 2014

Mobile Computer Repair Kansas City

We offer a complete mobile computer repair service in and around the Kansas City Metro area. Our professional staff specializes in common computer repair issues, such as:

  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Laptop Mouse and Keyboard Malfunction
  • Laptop Hard Drive Replacement & Data Recovery
  • Desktop Hardware Repair
  • Desktop Graphics and Main Board Replacement
  • Desktop Power Supply Upgrades
  • Memory Upgrades and Troubleshooting
  • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
  • Virus Removal & Virus Protection
  • Network Troubleshooting & Printer Connectivity
  • WiFi Connectivity & Networking Troubleshooting

Our computer repair services are available to you in the most convenient manner. Either you may bring your computer or mobile device to us for repair if you would like, but we are more than happy to travel to your home or place of business to conduct on site repairs based on your schedule. We also offer remote control IT computer repair services as well. Please see our remote assistance pages for more information. As always we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee. If we are not able to resolve your computer issue, there is no charge for the visit. Often times your computer repair issue may require more time or tools than we can offer in the field, in this case we may need to bring your computer back to the shop with us for further repairs including overnight monitoring, repairs, and upgrades. This allows us to work on more than one computer at a time, and allows us to stop the clock at three hours, your bill is based on the required repair instead of the total time needed. Many repairs can take ten or more hours to complete because of the intermittent supervision that is required. Many other shops may charge you for every hour that someone had to tend to the machine. We stop charging after three hours if we can work on your issue at our shop instead of your home or office.

Big Box Store Failures

All too often we get calls from clients that recently bought computers from the big box stores asking for advise, only to find out that their new computer is defective right out of the box. This is actually very common, sad, but common. Hard drives and motherboards are the most common “Out of the Box” defect that we have noticed. Sure these items are all covered under warranty for a specific period, but it can be very inconvenient to go through the process of making a claim and mailing the item back. When you purchase any electronics from the Big retailers, always test the product as soon as it arrives in your home or office. If you can determine that it is defective within the first 14 days, the stores are usually happy to give you a replacement straight away. If you wait too long you may be forced to deal directly with the manufacturer which may take several weeks to get a resolution. No one wants their computer repair issue to take weeks.

Hardware Related Computer Repairs

If the problem you are experiencing requires hardware replacement or repair, this is a situation that may take multiple trips. Due to purchasing & ordering of replacement parts or hardware, it is possible that our first visit may only include us troubleshooting the problem so that we may buy the correct replacement part if needed. Typically we can take it back to the shop with us for replacement repair once the parts arrive. And finally returning the computer completely repair back to you for re-connection and networking of other devices if needed.

Virus Removal and Antivirus Software

We use a variety of AntiVirus products to clean and protect your computer from the horrible software that has been flooding the Internet. Free antivirus products are no longer considered adequate protection. There have been some really nasty viruses infecting computers lately, you DO NOT want to become a victim of many of these. Do you self a favor and buy decent Antivirus package to keep your self protected. Here is a benchmark that gives you a good idea about which to choose.

Found Here: Antivirus Real World Benchmark
We currently recommend Emsisoft Anti-Malware to our clients. Emsisoft is also the software we use in-house to protect all of our equipment from toils of the Internet. It is about the same cost as the others, but we have noticed that Emsisoft does an outstanding job of protecting & cleaning computers. There are some error messages that come up from time to time on certain computers, but do not cause any other issues or lack of protection. We have passed along this information to our direct support staff over at Emsisoft for troubleshooting. Even with the little quirks that we have noticed, it is still our preferred Anti-Virus solution.

For ANY computer related issues, questions, problems, or repairs, please feel free to call us at 816-309-0646. We would be glad to assist you in any way possible! It is our mission to make sure that everyone has access to affordable computer-health care. We like to call ourselves the Computer Repair Headquarters of Kansas City. We may be a small company, but we out serve the big guys.

Your one-stop shop for computer repair and virus removal services in Kansas City. We have been offering Mobile Computer Repair Services to the Kansas City Metro Area for over 7 years. Thank you for supporting Kansas City Small Businesses, please continue to help create local jobs with local money here in Kansas City! Computer Repair is just the beginning!
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