Cryptowall 3.0 Beats Trend Micro Worry Free

BEWARE: Trend Micro will not protect you from Cryptowall 3.0
This virus will encrypt all of your files and hold them ransom. Be cautious of all emails and file downloads. Emails containing links regarding, packages or orders being ready for pickup, etc… are the perfect delivery mechanism for this infection. It will encrypt files that are commonly used such as Word, Excel, PDF, QBW, QBB, and Pictures & Videos, as well as any files on network shared mapped drives. This is not reversible so far. Make sure you are using an offsite cloud based backup that offers multiple versions. It is possible that your files can get encrypted, then get backed up to your offline storage and corrupt them as well, having the previous versions option can be your only saving grace. I know this sounds crazy, but the only fool proof way to be protected is to Buy a large external drive, solid state usb 3.0(for speed), and conduct a complete file backup periodically so that you are not completely lost.
Putting it frankly, this is REALLY bad shit!
I have put in requests to my antivirus developers for testing of this NASTY cryptowall, and still waiting to hear for a confirmation that Emsisoft can protect you. So far Trend Micro does nothing against it. Cryptowall 3.0 will disable all Trend Micro settings and cancel protection before it wreaks havoc. BE CAREFUL PEOPLE!
If you want to tinker on the internet, do it on a computer that doesn’t have any importance to your business and is not connected to your domain or network. One that is connected to a separate network or internet connection. We like to call this a SANDBOX, a computer that is independent from all other computers and stores no vital information. Something that you could wipe and restart without worrying about losing files.
Good Luck!

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