Some more interesting Malware Removal Challenges

QuickShare, Deaal2dealitt, DeocsConverter, Malware removal successful

At times we get stumped.  For instance, I received this computer over the weekend and here we are Tuesday and still have not completely eliminated the malware. I am still having trace files spring up out of the blue. The sign that tells me it is still there, is when I go to a website and attempt to download a piece of software. The webpage redirects me to some other sites trying to force an installation of really-bad-ware ( I like to call it). The files that are still affecting this machine are: Deaal2dealITT (add-on unremovable) 2b2.x64.dll located c:\programdata\deaal2dealitt which does not exist & DeocsConvErTer same location using y.x64.dll which also does not exist. Then there is a program listed in control panel called Quickshare by Linkury, this is good one too. You run the uninstaller, and nothing happens.  You hunt it down in the registry, and it’s not there.

Ah, what to do?

I am pretty sure at this point that the web redirects are coming from the Quickshare as it is the only program that windows still recognizes as installed. A quick uninstallation using Revo Uninstaller and viola! The problem is gone.

Tiffany is going to be please this afternoon when I drop it off malware free!

Next Difficult project is to come, keep checking back

<h3>This page is dedicated to Computer Repair jobs that cause us grief, specifically related to malware and virus removal.  As the years go by I intend to continue building on this thread to kind of catalog complex problems and their solutions. If it is causes us problems, we know many of you are having problems with it too. Hopefully something on this page will help you in your malware removal adventures!  Good Luck and Keep Cracking Malware!</h3>

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