FBI Virus Hijacker Ransomware Virus Removal

FBI Virus Removal Ransomware

Computers Attacked by FBI Warning Virus / Virus Removal Kansas City

If you have seen this virus it may at first worry you, however this is a fake alert virus that is designed to make you feel threatened and pay a ransom to its distributors. We have had customers in the past pay this ransom, luckily Visa was able to reverse the transaction for some of them and this transaction is now on their watch list. The FBI Warning virus is a fairly simple virus, it appears that it was designed with attributes that keep it on top of everything on your computer and is full screen. There is no way to minimize or close this screen, effectively holding your computer hostage. If you pay the ransom, your computer will not be unlocked, you will simply be out $300 or more. Do not hesitate to call us at the first appearance of this virus. The sooner we can attack this virus, the cheaper the repair is. More computer reboots force the virus deeper and deeper into your computer operating system, potentially corrupting windows system files rendering your computer as an oversized paper weight. Once it has gotten to this point it is likely that your computer will need a fresh installation of Windows Operating System, and any other programs you had prior to the attack, your documents, pictures and other important files have not been affected (in most incidents).  Computer Repair and Virus Removal can be a tricky and delicate process, get it done right the first time.

FBI Virus Removal

Virus Removal Kansas City FBI Virus Ransomware

This image shows what the virus might look like on your screen. Keep in mind this FBI virus will be full screen (not windowed) with no ability to close, minimize, or switch screens. If you see this FBI Virus Ransomware, you cannot use any programs what so ever, no anti-virus, no task manager, no regedit, nothing! Everything is completely covered. We have the tools and experience to rid you of this dreaded virus. We having been specializing in the world of computer repair and virus removal in Kansas City for about a decade. Unfortunately this is not something we can repair remotely, because of its complexity, the removal of this virus must take place in person.

Don’t hesitate to call! If you see this, it is already too late to wait! Call My Geek USA for the best Virus Removal in Kansas City!


Does your Computer need a thorough Computer Cleanup or Tuneup?

If your computer is running slow you probably just need a good Computer Cleanup session. We can usually take care of this remotely. Check out of page on remote computer repair for more information regarding getting your computer cleanup session scheduled.

Has your computer died?

You know the old saying “They don’t make em like they used to”, it certainly is true. Hardware is made less reliable than it has ever been in the past. Schedule an appointment to have your hardware checked out. We can repair just about any computer problem out there. Have a qualified technician conduct your computer repair and computer hardware diagnostics. This really is the only way to find out exactly what is wrong with your computer. You can search online all day for the problems, hoping to find the answer. Or you can call us today to schedule an in-home computer repair visit by a qualified competent professional. We can diagnose most computer errors and hardware failures within only a few minutes. We bring the tools required to properly diagnose your issue and conduct the repair. Some computer hardware failures will require us to take the computer with us to the shop to properly complete the computer repair. This could be due to not having the right parts on hand at the time, or requiring more advanced work, such as complete laptop dis-assembly for hardware soldering and small parts replacement. We also repair laptop LCD screens and back-light problems. Have an broken screen on your Iphone or Android phone? Yes we repair those too. Already bought the parts for the replacement, but don’t feel confident doing it yourself, that’s ok too. We can pick it up or you can drop it off to us for the repairs.

  • Laptop Screens
  • Laptop Charging Ports
  • Memory Replacement
  • Hard Drive Crash
  • Data Recovery
  • General Computer Repair
  • Virus Removal
  • Computer Cleanup
  • LCD Backlight
  • Iphone and Android repairs

Keep in mind that sometimes repairs are not worth doing!   I hate to say it, but there are many people out there that are holding to very old or cheaply built computers.  Sometimes it is more effective to replace the computer with a new(er) one.  We will be happy to help you make the right decision.  We are in business to help you with all of your computer repair problems and decisions.  We would much rather help you with transferring your data to a new computer, than charge you for computer repairs that are simply not worth doing.  Either way, it is your ultimate responsibility to make the choice that is right for you, we are here to advise on that choice selection.

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