We offer affordable lcd repair for Laptop computer and mobile devices like Iphone Ipad and android devices.  If you have ever taken you device out of it case and ten minutes later drop it for the first time, you know this can’t be a coincidence.  The electronic gods are working against you. CRACK!!!!  POP!!!!  THUD!!!! “AWE CRAP!”  Yeah I know how it goes, my kids and Fiance have this problem too sometimes.  My kids are making it into a habit I think.  Ha, ha oh well.  Either way I end up fixing their Iphone Screens.  Replacing the battery in the Ipad, and swapping parts on the Android tablets.  I have noticed that in most cases the cheap Android tablets are just not worth fixing.  I mean you can buy a brand new Android tablet for aroun $90 these days.  Heck my time to fix one is around that price.  What’s the point?  But on the high end models, it could be a good idea to spend a little money replacing your screen, battery, or cleaning it up from water damage.  Sometimes, depending on the amount of time that has gone by, if quick enough we can clean electronics with rubbing alcohol that have had water damage.  When you clean electronics with alcohol, you force the water out using compressed air, and clean all the connectors with a delicate scrubbing motion.  Many times this will fix the device, but it truly depends on the amount of corrosion.  I wish they would coat all electronic logic board with silicone, but they don’t do that on cell phones, just on devices are near water all the time.  It can’t be that hard, heck I might try to do it on a device that I have, just to see if I can water proof a phone without a special expensive bulky case.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Screen replacement



So far, the easiest screen we have replaced belongs to the IPhone 5. It literally takes only a few minutes. Our rates on IPhone 4 & 5 are the same though because the cost of parts is significantly higher on the Iphone 5 as you can expect. If you have a cracked screen please feel free to contact us we can get it all fixed up for $120, this will include replacement screen, possibly button and camera/speaker cable if necessary. These items are very brittle and usually get replaced at the same time. We will gladly repair your Iphone the same day it arrives and get it in the mail back to you by the very next business day at the latest.


Computer Repair Kansas City Location

We are a small company, I work out of my home. I have very little overhead and am able to keep my cost low. With my overhead low, I am able to pass on the savings to you for any type of computer repair in Kansas City. This is a great place to be, there are many opportunities for people in Kansas City. It is my goal to be able to open a store front location sometime this in 2014. I believe that having a Computer Repair Store here in Kansas City would be a good investment. Many people have stopped by my house for computer repairs in North Kansas City. I know that my seem unprofessional, but I built this business by doing house calls. Computer Repair House Calls in Kansas City has always been my primary focus, this website was my first attempt at broadening my business to include more cold calls from the public. There are many computer repair shops in Kansas City. I am not really in competition with any of them, because the service that offer is second to none. My Computer Repair skills top that of just about any other IT professional. My kids have asked me many times, why I do not go out and get a normal hours full time job. And I say, being self employed allows me to be able to see them more often and be there for them when they are sick, miss school, or have some kind of cool function in the middle of the week to go to. Computer Repair and Networking are about the only fields that don’t bore me. Just about every computer repair call is different from one day to the next. Here in Kansas City I get a mere 2-5 calls a day requesting computer repairs of some sort. Whether that is just another freak virus that needs removed, or complete hardware failure. Often the calls are just someone needing a little advice, or a session to learn more about using their computer. There are many reasons to call a computer repair expert in Kansas City like me, we not only can fix your computer problems, but can also give you free computer repair information or just advice on buying new equipment. Hopefully by the end of summer, you will be able to come to my office in Kansas City to drop off your computer or Iphone for repair. Remember we do all kinds of computer repairs such as:

  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Computer Virus Removal
  • Iphone Screen Repairs
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Repair (Hardware)
  • Computer Repair (Software)
  • Computer Repair (Operating System)
  • Memory upgrades
  • Custom Computer Builds

Remote Computer Repair Services

Computer Virus Removal

Virus removal in Kansas City - we don't work with these kinds of viruses.

Call you doctor for this kind of virus removal

The majority of our computer repair calls in Kansas City are virus related.

  • Your computer is not booting up properly
  • It may be shutting down after booting
  • The operating system may be acting funky
  • Your internet browser may taking you places you didn’t intend to go
  • You may be getting popups on your screen that won’t go away
  • Or some horrible page that has taken over your computer and holding it hostage

All of these symptoms indicate that a virus has affected your system.  Once we perform the proper virus removal techniques, your computer will be up and running again like it did when new.  We are pros at virus removal and computer repair.  Random clients have on more than one occasion identified me as their Wizard.  I am certainly not a wizard, just a guy that has seen a lot of computer problems and made a lot of mistakes.  I am sure that I will continue to make a lot of mistakes, which is why I experiment on my own equipment before attempting anything I am unfamiliar with on your equipment.  We take computer repair very seriously.

–Break — phone rang – And it was my good customer Peggy.  Peggy just needed to me to login and take a look at “something that was popping up on that Google page that was asking for information”.  So I logged in and noticed that her computer was clean from viruses and malware, simply had an icon on her desktop that was directed to a cruise line login page.  She was done with the Cruise Line for now, so I just deleted it.  It makes me happy when my customers feel confident enough that they actually do call me for any computer repair question, no matter how small.

Where was I?  When you have something out of the ordinary going on, please feel free to call us, we can take care of all your virus removal needs.  If it is hardware related we can repair that too.  Just have what you think may be a silly question? Give me a call, I like answering silly questions too.  All of us have forgotten to plug it in right, turn it on, double check the connections, reversed cords, tripped a breaker and lost the mouse before.  We don’t judge, been there, seen that, done it.

  • My Geek USA
  • Chris Brende
  • Computer Repair Expert in Kansas City
  • 816-309-0646

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Over all  basically any type of computer repair your can imagine, we can repair here in Kansas City!  Go Chiefs!!!

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