Emsisoft Virus vs Trojan

Virus vs Trojan

Emsisoft Tips and trick for virus removal

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Ransomware is quite troublesome, the FBI Ransomware Virus Can be dealt with.


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Point of Sale Systems (POS) Kansas City Upgrades

Upgrade your small business with a newer state of the art Point of Sale (POS) System.

Kansas City Upgrades Point of Sale Systems (POS)

The benefits of having updated Point of Sale systems greatly out weigh the costs.  Look into it yourself, you will undoubtedly understand what I mean.


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There Must Be An Easier Way

I know this may seem a little off base, but one challenge I am running into today is figuring out how to convert a .ost file from outlook on exchange to a .pst file that can be read using outlook.
During my research I have found there are many conversion tools that are available for purchase. I have tested one of these ost2, and the demo seems like it will do what it claims, but have not paid the $100 price tag it requires. Currently considering my options. As I continue, I decide that looking for source code of a converter might be more reasonable. Then I could write a program that will do this for me. I have also tested creating a .ost file in notepad and trying to convert the type to .pst simply by renaming this worked, so I ask myself “Why can’t the file from the exchange server to do the same?”, well it must be some sort of permissions or encryption. Well, I do not have time to figure out the algorithm for the encryption, nor an understanding of encryption that would be suitable to tackle this task. So staying on the K-I-S-S principle, there must be an easier way. The .ost file is a database file just like the .pst file… right? I mean all the same data is kept in the ost that would be kept in the pst, so why is this so uncommon. I suppose not many people switch their email from local exchange to cloud hosted, but it happens from time to time. I suppose I still have access to the server and could either system restore the client to get the ost to open, or re-create the account to access the data, but it would be so much simpler if there were a reliable, direct, reasonably affordable way to do this. I guess this uis just one more programming idea to add to my to do list. I will give it a shot once I get more information on what the differences are, and maybe some more experience. Once I do this will be close to freeware, thinking price tag around $25. Just to help make it worth while, and cover my time lost.

I guess time will tell. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to work on this project.

Will re-post if more information or a useful piece of SW becomes available.


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Computer Repair / Gaming Systems / Server Maintenance

Computer Repair Kansas City

We specialize in all types of computer repair. Laptop Repair, Desktop Repair, Mac Repair, software and hardware repairs. Broken screen? We can replace the screen on your laptop for a low flat rate of $225 for most laptops, price may vary depending on cost of replacement screen. Computer not turning on anymore? It may be a bad power supply or battery, yes we can fix this as well, typically this simply requires changing out the power supply module, but can sometimes be due to a bad motherboard. In most cases changing out a motherboard is simple and goes as planned give us a call to repair your computer. Is your computer cycle booting? Shutting down and then starting and shutting down again? This can be due to a virus, bad memory module, power supply or even motherboard. We can fix it. May times these problems can be avoided by simply keeping your tower or laptop dust free. Use a compressed can of air to blow out the dust. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free evaulation, we can repair your computer, upgrade your computer and even give you a good tutorial on how to use and maintain your computer. We are a computer repair company, computer repair is what we do, so if you need your computer repaired call now! 816.309.0646

Gaming Computer Repair

Are you in the market for a gaming computer that can blow away you competition? Say good bye to lag and slow start times. We can customize a computer specifically tailored for you! Maximum power, liquid cooling, high performing graphics cards, 4-6-8 core processors, overclocking, RAID Arrays, and 7.1 surround sound. And to top it off consider getting a 42″ HD LCD panel to really get the most out of your gaming experience. Battlefield, Call of Duty, WarCraft, Assassins Creed, even minecraft! Prove you have what it takes to beat your competition with a machine that can keep up with you! Figure out your budget and give us a call, we can put together a few different options that you are sure to love! NOOBS WELCOME! We can upgrade or repair your gaming computer

Server Maintenance

Is your server giving you problems, need some upgrading or just some user changes that you are not comfortable with doing your self? We can help. We have monthly plans available to ensure that your network is running the way it should be. Maintenance is required on servers at least once a month to keep things running smoothly. There are many updates and system tools that should be run on a monthly basis or you could be inviting that “Oh, please God, not right now” feeling. Give us a call to keep your server, software, network, and printers working the way you want them to.

Audio Video Systems

Visual presentation can be everything, so be prepared for that next banquet, wedding, or graduation party! Check out Adam’s Point Golf Club in Lee’s Summit Missouri, we installed a system out there that we must admit was a little over the top.

computer repair

Adams Pointe Golf Club

Three Internet HDTV’s, 3DHD Projector with 128″ automatic screen, in ceiling surround speakers and PA system with wireless mics. This place is the ultimate party place in the area. Give them a call to reserve your party today!

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My Geek USA: We take pride in our skills as one of Kansas City’s Computer Repair Companies. Google fiber is here! We have it where others do not! Make sure you are ready for the upgrade to 1Gb speeds, faster than you can probably imagine. For most people its like turning you little neighborhood street into an Autobahn. We can check out your computer to make sure it is ready for the future of internet everything! Our computer repair abilities will ensure your computer is not lagging behind! If computer repair is what you need, these are the guys in-deed!
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RansomWare-Don’t fall victim-We can recover your data!

Virus RansomWare Data Retrieved



CNN today describes Ransomware as a virus that will infect your computer and make your data irretrievable!

CNN Ransomware Report

This ransomware type of virus is a serious threat, without professional assistance you may very well never see your data again. There are several types of anti-virus software out there and few actually help. So far Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes have deemed to be most effective toward the ransomware type of virus. However, using these pieces of software after you have contracted the virus is very difficult, and most usually will require professional assistance. Please do not hesitate to call us, as we have had much practice with this style virus removal. Many clients now have been saved from losing all of their information, simply due to best practice in data handling and the knowledge of how to make the virus stop blocking us from doing what needs to be done. Many times simply using task manager can aid in this, other times msconfig is useful for rebooting the computer without allowing the virus to continue through the boot process. Of course it is always a good idea to do your research first before tackling any of these tasks. There are many files on your computer that can cause serious damage to your operating system if handled improperly.

CNN Transcript

Don't Be Fooled - We Can Help - Ransomware

OS Damage – Ransomware?

Symptoms of Operating System damage can include:

  • Problems installing software
  • Certain system tools stop working
  • Error messages at start-up
  • Cycle booting
  • Missing icons
  • Appearance of lost files
  • Extremely long boot times

Many of these problems can be caused by a virus that was not properly rectified. System files that got accidentally removed and corrupted by the user or virus. If a virus removal is not conducted properly and thoroughly tested, these are a few of the issues that the user may experience. Do your due diligence before tackling this task.

Your data can still be recovered in most all cases. These viruses have made it a bit interesting, but still retrievable. Many times you data will need to be recovered from a different / healthy computer. If your hard drive has crashed and is not boot-able, many times this can also be resolved with an external computer to read the data and copy it off. On occasion your hard drive will need to be rebuilt in order to extract your data. This unfortunately is a very costly process, so please always remember to backup your important information to an external storage device; such as flash drive / thumb drive, external hard drive or online storage. This is always the safest approach to keeping your data safe.

Ransomware infection does mean you have lost everything. A good professional can get your data back, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call. 816-309-0646. Or contact us via email at support@mygeekusa.com for a free quote or consultation.

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From Grain Valley to Lawrence, KS we got you covered. Computer Repair Services, Computer Virus Removal, Hard Drive Recovery, Computer Setup, Gaming Systems, Networking, Server Maintenance, Custom Software

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Kansas City Computer Repair, network support, virus removal, and server maintenance.

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Kansas City Computer Repair IT Specialist: When you need your system serviced in a hurry, you hope to be able to count on your IT Specialist to get things done in a flash. Sometimes things just don’t work out that … Continue reading

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Virus attacks more computers today!

FBI Virus Warning

Again today, I am working to correct the “Hider Virus”. We have had many calls today from clients that cannot see any of there files on there computer because of this virus. Not to worry, it is all still there, we just need to spend a little time correcting the issue. This is quite simple in its structure as it simply changes the attributes of all files on a computer to “HIDDEN” which can make many people freak out, thinking that their files are all lost and deleted. This is a simple fix, that just takes a bit of time to kill the virus. Temporarily to view your files you can go the folder and view option and set to show hidden files and folders. You will be able to see everything, for a little peace of mind. However, this will not take care of the many other problems this virus has caused. For instance, the ability to open programs and files as normal. Many times we find that the file extension associations have been lost when curing this virus, there are many programs designed to fix this issue. This one has come in very handy for Windows XP. And this link has many for Windows 7 toward the bottom of the page just scroll down until you find the extensions that aren’t working correctly, click on the extension to save the .reg file and run it. This should re-create the associations Windows has with programs you are trying to run. Remember everything that you run on your computer is a program, from viewing a picture or document, printing, and of course command prompts and development tools. If these extensions have become corrupt, a screen will pop up asking what program you would like to open this with. This is simply because Windows does not see that as a program anymore. If you are uncomfortable with working on your computer at this level, please feel free to give us call at (816) 309-0646 we will be more than happy to help.

We can take the pain out of fixing your computer and repairing the damage a virus has done.

In addition to the steps above a good malware scan is a must, try Malwarebytes they have a trial version and a free version available that will take care of most issues, in the event this does not work try Hitman, this has become one of the most valuable tools in out collection. Both of these are excellent at taking out most viruses, keyloggers, trojans, worms, and other advertising malware. Unfortunately there are many viruses that disable your ability to download, install, run these programs. That is where we come in. Many times we need to do a manual clean-up of your computer before being able to install these anti-malware programs to remove the virus. This is a process that can take some finesse.
Don't lose your files.

The worst feeling in the world... "Waking up to an empty computer!"

Just keep in mind that we are here to assist you every step of the way, with our remote desktop control you won’t have to do this time consuming work. A virus can be a big problem. Please give us call (816) 309-0646, there are many ways to make your computer irreparable, if you are tinkering around in the areas described above it is very possible to mess things up, so please, if in doubt, call MYGEEKUSA. Your Personal Geek.

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Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance is A Must

Regular computer maintenance can help your computer last longer, here are a few things that help keep your computer running fast and efficiently.

  • Cleaning: A can of dry compressed air can keep your computer running cool and fast, your computer sucks up air borne particles like a vacuum, shut down and
    Computer Maintenance Warrior

    There are many brands, they all perform about the same!

    unplug the power cable, open the panel (usually two little screws on the back) and blow the dust from inside using a can of dry compressed air, making sure to get the dust out from the power supply and the processor heat-sink (the fan in the middle atop a metal coil looking thing), getting all the dust out of the box will help keep proper air flow through your computer.  It’s best to do this outside as it makes a bit of a mess.

  • Defrag Hard Drive: As you use your computer, downloading files, moving pictures music and movies, you create little gaps in the hard drive.  Over time these gaps can become quite abundant, making your computer search your hard drive for the files and pieces of files on board. It’s like having a filing cabinet that is not organized at all.  The process to reorganize the hard drive is called
    Don't forget this little useful tool!

    This tool can make a world of difference!

    Defragmenting.  This process moves the files around where they should be for better performance and use.  Do this once a week for best results. START > ALL PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > SYSTEM TOOLS > DISK DEFRAGMENTER

  • Clean Desktop: A very important technique in computer maintenance is to remember the more files you have on your desktop, the more processing power it takes to load windows and navigate it.  Keep your desktop clean, only keep the things on there you use frequently. Large folders of files should be kept in your Documents or Pictures folders.  Shortcuts to these locations is perfectly fine, but I have noticed all too often people saving things to their desktop, this is big “NO-NO”
  • Empty Space: Make sure your hard drive is not getting too full.  Once your computer starts getting past the 85% full range it is time to start getting rid of items you no longer use.  Putting these files on a flash drive, backup drive, or dvds is good way to keep them safe, then simply delete the files from your computer, and recycle bin.  Make sure every now and then to check your temporary internet files folder, as this has a tendency to accumulate more than it needs, these file can be deleted without worry of losing anything. It’s like a history log of the internet and everywhere you have been. CONTROL PANEL > INTERNET OPTIONS > DELETE BROWSING HISTORY

These little tips should help keep your computer running smoothly.  Remember, like you car you can’t just use it day in and day out with out doing a little maintenance.  These steps may take you a few minutes a week or month, but can add years to the life of your equipment.  Visit out homepage for more information and to contact us.

My Geek Home TeamViewer Ninite

“Computer Maintenance is all too often overlooked, don’t fall into the bad habit of letting it go til tomorrow!”

Serving Kansas City Metropolitan Area > Overland Park, KS > Kansas City, KS > Lenexa, KS > Leawood, KS > Liberty, MO > North Kansas City, MO > Grandview, MO > Parkville, MO > Smithville, MO
From Grain Valley to Lawrence, KS we got you covered. Computer Repair Services, Computer Virus Removal, Hard Drive Recovery, Computer Setup, Gaming Systems, Networking, Server Maintenance, Custom Software

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Hard Drive Failure | Slow Computer Can Mean Failing Hard Drive

Hard Drive Failure

A computer that is running slow, could indicate several things: Virus infection, spyware, Trojans, hijackers, excessive Hard Drive Failure | Slow Computer Can Mean Failing Hard Driveapplications and toolbars, but worst of all HARD DRIVE FAILURE. When a hard drive finally fails, your data is lost (in most instances). Recovering the information from a failed hard drive can be very costly. Never discount this as a possible reason for the slow running machine. Backup your information to a different drive / computer / dvd’s / flash drive, frequently to ensure you data (at least to that point) is protected. You computer may have built in tests that you use to check to see what condition your drive is in. If it fails there is a good chance it does not have much longer left. In the world of information, protecting your files is top priority, although many people do not understand that it can be lost forever!

Protection through hard drive encryption –
not only for laptops!

HD Encryption

The use of security software to protect you from online attacks is standard today, but what about physical threats to your hardware? What if your laptop goes missing while traveling or your workstation at the office is stolen during a burglary? Even on a password-protected OS, the data is saved to the hard drive unencrypted and can be read without any problems simply by reinstalling Windows over the top of the already existing installation.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to protect yourself against theft. However, it is possible to prevent criminals from getting their hands on important work documents, snapshots from your last vacation or even critical passwords and online banking data. This type of protection involves a technology known as hard drive encryption.

It’s often free and only takes a small amount of time and attention to set up correctly. For example, since the release of Windows Vista, Bitlocker Drive Encryption (aka “Bitlocker”) ships as an integral part of the OS if you are using the Enterprise or Ultimate Edition of Windows. There are also freeware programs such as Truecrypt that allow you to encrypt your hard drive and that run on all versions of Windows from XP onwards as well as on Linux and MacOS.

How does encryption work exactly?

Encryption is part of the field of cryptology, a science which deals with the garbling of information. The term is derived from the Greek word “kryptós”, which means “secret” or “hidden”. While the cryptographic methods of over 2000 years ago were rather primitive and basically involved swapping or shifting characters of the alphabet, today’s methods use very complex mathematical algorithms.

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is currently the most frequently used algorithm, due to its speed and extremely high level of security. There is currently no practical way of attacking AES even though the encryption method is of course well known. AES, also known as the “Rijndael algorithm” after its inventors, divides the information to be encrypted into 128 bit data blocks that are encoded with a key of 128, 192 or 256 bits in length. These blocks are written into a 2-D table that various mathematical transformations are then applied to.

The binary data can still be read from the hard drive once it has been encrypted, but it no longer makes any sense at all. It’s not even possible to tell “what” was encrypted, i.e. whether it was pictures, text files or executable files. Moreover, even if the encryption algorithm itself is known, the data can’t be decoded without having the correct key. It will therefore remain hidden from strangers.

Example of encryption of a simple text: The result on the right-hand side does not contain
any useful information and cannot be decoded without having the key.

Let’s talk about the security of AES: Cracking (testing all possible combinations) of a 128 bit key would take several million years of computing time. However, coding and decoding using the correct key is so fast thanks to modern hardware, that the user is able to access their encrypted data almost instananeously. In other words, you won’t notice any overhead when your data is encrypted while being saved and decrypted while being read, as your PC’s CPU generally works much faster than the hard drive can read or write the data.

How to encrypt your hard drive

There are many encryption programs available, with the main differences being their level of complexity and whether they are free or paid software. In the following section, we will take a look at some of these programs.

Bitlocker Drive Encryption

Users of Windows 7 or Vista Ultimate or Enterprise Edition as well as Windows Server 2008 already have Bitlocker as part of their OS. Bitlocker is installed on a separate partition and runs before Windows is launched. As an alternative or in addition to using a password, booting can be made dependent on the presence of a USB stick containing a key file. If your PC doesn’t have the necessary TPM chip, the use of a USB stick is usually required to unlock your PC.

Bitlocker’s design is quite user-friendly and has few advanced options. If you use one of the corresponding Windows editions and don’t need additional features, Bitlocker is a good solution at no further cost to you.


TrueCrypt is freeware and is one of the most frequently recommended encryption programs. It features a wealth of options and tends to be aimed mostly at experienced users. Encrypting the boot device is quite simple thanks to a step-by-step guide, however other features require more advanced knowledge.

TrueCrypt has almost everything you’d want for in an encryption program and is a very powerful tool. For instance, you can hide operating systems completely so that it’s impossible to find them without knowing the correct password. TrueCrypt can be localized thanks to the numerous language packs available.

Steganos Safe

As the name suggests, Steganos Safe is like a virtual vault that you can “lock” your files inside. It’s possible, for example, to secure your Office documents by saving them directly to the safe. The software is quite user-friendly and offers some special features such as the ability to hide data in images. Your data can be considered very secure thanks to the use of 264 bit AES.

The disadvantage: Steganos Safe isn’t free; it’s priced at 29.95 EUR.


Like TrueCrypt, DiskCryptor is open-source software, meaning you are free to download and modify its source code. You can also choose the encryption algorithm. Overall, DiskCryptor offers fewer options than TrueCrypt and is thus more suitable for beginners. The user interface is quite spartan, which makes it very easy to navigate through the menus.

In addition to hard drives, DiskCryptor is also capable of encrypting CD’s. Like all good encryption programs, it loads before the OS. Windows will only boot if you enter the correct password, which then automatically grants you access to the data.

Conclusion and our recommendation

We recommend that laptop users in particular encrypt their data. It requires minimal time and effort, and even if you don’t feel that your data is important enough to be stolen now, it’s possible that in the future your personal and private data might be used against you by criminals. It’s wise to take some time to learn about the technology though so you won’t run the risk of losing your data by configuring the software incorrectly.

Important! Hard drive encryption is only designed to prevent access to your data in the event of an unauthorized person gaining physical access to the device. Malware can still infect your PC and access your saved data while Windows is running! While your OS is active, all data can be accessed normally. We therefore recommend that you use good anti-virus software with real-time protection such as Emsisoft Anti-Malware.


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