Point of Sale (POS) systems

Point of Sale (POS) upgrades

Increase server productivity, reduce reporting time, increase profits.

Many of the Point of Sale systems that are currently in place your favorite restaurants are antiquated beyond what you could imagine. Some of these systems are so old, the manufacturer is no longer around and there are only a handful of people in the country that can work on them. This of course give these individuals the ability to price gouge. Of course we all understand that spending money is something that all of us businesses don’t like to do. Your Point of Sale (POS) system is vital to your servers efficiency and accuracy. A good Point of Sale system can give you better reporting of your days business, help track employee hours more effectively, adjust menu items and pricing with the ease of point and click. Many companies out there sell Point of Sale systems as a “Package”, meaning they box it all up and ship it out to you. Good luck setting it all up. This is where My Geek USA comes into play. When we put together a Point of Sale package, we take care of the networking, hardware configurations, printer setup, Point of Sale software installation and configurations, as well as training and the comfort that you have a local tech on call when it’s needed. We even do installations of other vendors Point of Sale systems (POS).  If you order a Point of Sale package to fit your needs don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We can prepare an installation estimate, or an work on an hourly basis.  We have been serving the Kansas City area for about a decade now, our computer networking and troubleshooting skills are top notch. We don’t quit until it is fixed.

Point of Sale terminal

Point of Sale Station POS


If your restaurant is running on old Point of Sale software or old POS equipment, give us a call here in Kansas City, we can update your network and Point of Sale system using the latest in POS technology and the most reliable Hardware. Touchscreens, all-in-one, thermal printers, tablet POS server points, all contribute to better productivity. Your servers will thanks you, your customers will feel like they are the most important thing in the store again, this will of course lead to more profits and referrals.

Call today for an system upgrade estimate.  Point of Sale is a vital part of every retail and restaurant business.

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