Server upgrades and Maintenance!

You might be amazed at how much money you are throwing away!  Much of this could be prevented or minimized by simply upgrading your equipment!  A server that is under too much load will run slow, files will sometimes fail to save or transfer, backups could fail, client machines might lock up.  All of these will result in loss of productivity of your man-power.  A data clerk that has to wait 20 seconds for every entry to save will result in almost 2.5 hours per day of sitting waiting.  That’s around some 600+ lost work hours in a years time @ $11/hr no one likes to waste $6600+ for no reason.  If this is your case hopefully you don’t have more than one data clerk.  Upgrading your server and network hardware to more efficient technology could pay itself off in less than two years with only one data clerk like the one above.

I know, I know… what about the down time for the transition?  You might be surprised to know that we can get most systems completely upgraded and running smoothly within one week.  Of course that is not one week of down time.  That would be ridiculous.  Most systems can be installed over a weekend with little to no down time.  First step would be to have us out to check your system over and see if an upgraded server and hardware is really necessary or if there is some other reason for the delayed data processing.  Proper maintenance can cure this problem too.  At times a system only needs a few tweaks and minor upgrades that are very affordable.  However, there are many companies that are running on improper systems, systems designed for household users.  These are not usually reliable for running your very important hosted programs, client files, and financials.  A home system is not designed to host several client computers.  We can set you up with multi-processor-multi-core servers massive amounts of RAM and redundant storage drives.  Coupled with new server software for maximum efficiency and user compliance, your network will run like clock work.

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