Water Damaged Phone and Computers – REPAIR

Repair your Computers and Mobile Devices

Did you leave your new iPhone out in the rain, or drop your Android in your coffee? Want to repair it? It may still be ok with a little work. We have a process that seems to work quite well for water damaged devices. One iPhone was left outside in the rain all day, of course when the mistake was discovered, the phone was not responsive. After some careful repairs, new battery and a screen replacement we were able to get this iPhone back to perfect working order, absolutely no problems with it reported. It has been over a year now and it is still in perfect working order with daily use. Sometimes your laptop may experience a similar incident, just remember it’s not dead until WE say it’s dead! Even if

Water Damaged Phone and Mobile Device Repair

We Repair Water Damaged Stuff!

the motherboard is completely fried, we can still replace the main board or repair any broken connections. Even with extensive water damage it is still very likely that your hard drive data can be recovered. You never know until we give it a shot. We may not be the absolute best in the industry, we are not the cheapest, we don’t know everything, but I do promise you this “We are capable, educated, professional, persistent, discrete, honest and reliable. If we haven’t done it, we will learn it and do it!” We do not give up, until the only available options are ridiculous.

Call My Geek USA for all you computer repairs. We Specialize in hardware repairs, screen replacement and of course VIRUS REMOVAL. If you can break it, we can fix it!

Are you looking that guy you can call when you have question about something? We are that guy! If you have questions about how to fix your computer, laptop not working right, Phone in need of repair, desktop need upgrading, screen flickering, virus attacked you?  We are that guy, we can answer just about any question you may have about your electronic device. (Not to mention much much more but we will stay focused here)

Computer repair is our world, it is our hobby, and it is that thing we do when we are bored.  I can recall countless evenings with nothing to do, and somehow would find myself, taking apart old computers and building a Frankenstein out of them, or deciding to see if that motherboard from last year really is dead, checking solder circuits, looking for visible damage with a high powered magnifying glass, or even just seeing if I can perfect my Plastic welding skills.  Heck right now I am bored and typing this post in hopes this post among the many others will keep folks like you calling to keep me busy.

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