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Common Problems

Sometimes your information can get lost or deleted by mistake. The good news is often times those missing files can be recovered. Although data retrieval takes time, we can try to do it remotely. When that is not an option due to size or other variables, the drive can be sent to us for further study to find if recovery is possible. Our pricing for our data recovery service is simple. We have a flat $100 rate when and if we succeed in recovering your data. In the event the data is irrecoverable we simply charge $30 for troubleshooting the drive and mailing it back to you. If you would like the information we recover put onto a secondary disk, drive, or flash drive we will simply add the supplemental cost of the secondary device. Device costs vary depending on the amount of information recovered and the specific device desired. On average you can expect between $20 and $70 for secondary hardware. Our "no surprises" policy, insures that you will always be aware of pricing before and during the work process.

Often, after the recovery process, portions of the original data is irretrievable due to the drive over-writing the images with new content. The percentage of loss depends mostly on how much the drive was used after the data loss. Typical loss is around 5-15%. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

So if you have accidently deleted the pictures from your camera, documents from your laptop, or music from your other mass storage device, we can help.

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