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Q: What should I do if my computer starts having pop-ups that tell me I have hundred of viruses and to enter my credit card number to remove them?

A: Do not enter credit card number or give them any other information what so ever. This is a common virus that attacks your computer making you think that it is severely infected, so they can take and misuse your information and bank account information. If this has already happened, and you have entered your information, immediately call your financial institution to cancel that card and alert them of what has happened. Then call us to schedule a remote session so we can properly remove the virus(s) and provide you with some protection.

Q: My computer is making a strange buzzing / grinding / ticking sound, it's not coming from my speakers, should I be worried?

A: They are some interesting mechanical sounds your computer will make most of them should just be a humming sound of the fans running, but if you start to hear those strange sounds it is good indicator that your hard drive is failing. Best thing to do right now is to copy whatever you have on computer that you want to keep, to a flash drive, dvd's, or external hard drive. When a drive crashes you have lost all of your data, everything from pictures and videos, to documents and music. Don't take the risk total loss. Backup everything before it happens. Unfortunately there are no other warning signs, those sounds are the warning sounds. Call us to schedule a remote backup if you cannot find anything to use.

Q: My computer is very dusty, there is dust on all the holes and vents of my computer tower, is this bad?

A: Yes, it can be a bad thing to have a dirty/dusty computer in many ways. Your computer is probably also shows sign of running slower than it used to and might even be shutting itself down from time to time. Your computer is constantly trying to keep itself cool by moving air in and out of the tower, when it gets dusty in there, the dust restricts the air flow and stops cooling the computer. The computer will then begin to overheat, if this happens you are risking burning up your processor(the main brain) which will render your computer as an oversized paper weight. Pickup a can of compressed dry air, or air duster can from your local retail store, power off and unplug all cords from the computer tower, open the side panel(this may require removing a couple screws), take the tower outside(not while it's raining or snowing though) and while holding the can of air upright only blow out the dust from the tower check every nook and cranny in there, when you can find anymore dust to blow away, your computer should be happy, put it back together and hook it back up.

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