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Virus Scans

Virus Scans | Kansas City MO | Missouri

There are many viruses circulating the web that affect your computer without you realizing it until it is often times too late. Be sure to have an anti-virus program installed on your computer, be sure it is one that updates daily and can automatically scan your computer at least weekly if not daily. If you setup your anti-virus program to scan at night, while you sleep, make sure you leave your computer powered on and not in hibernation mode as the virus scanner cannot scan if your computer is powered down. A "good" anti-virus program does not need to cost much money if any at all. There are many free virus scanners out there that keep you well protected for free. No anti-virus program is impervious to attack, therefore, paying a yearly fee for anti-virus software is often times wasteful spending. In addition, many of the most popular anti-virus programs actually covertly install programs, add-ons, and toolbars that aren't necessary and actually hinder your computer's performance. These programs might not seem to be problematic, but can be doorways for other viruses and forms of malware that wreak havoc on your system. Once those gates have been breached many other malicious programs can end up costing you even more to repair.

An infected system can often times be repaired in as little as an hour. However, when a system is badly infiltrated, it is sometimes beyond basic virus removal. Many times those systems will need to be completely restored back to factory conditions, or have the operating system reinstalled. When it is necessary to re-install your operating system, we can either walk you through the process on the phone, or mail your system to us so we can transfer all your old files back in. After re-installation your computer will be organized and will run like it did the first day you took it out of the box. Cleaning up your system can do this too, but sometimes it is just more efficient to start fresh depending on the extent of the trauma.

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